Friday, July 4, 2014

my family in pictures- april 2013

my family in pictures- march 2013

SO, more photo shoots.  i swear i did take pictures of my family as some point.  i think??? oh well.

my family in pictures- febuary 2013

SO, i'm finding i really didn't take many pictures the winter of 2013.  huh.  cuz, it really sure felt like i did.  must have been for clients and not my own family.  bleh.

my family in pictures- january 2013

because apparently i didn't take any pictures of my family outside of photoshoots.  :/

Thursday, December 27, 2012

polar express...

SO, on christmas eve we decided to go on the polar express.  after an hours drive, we arrived to the train.  wes was the most excited about riding the train only because he doesn't think he's been on one before.  he doesn't remember the many trips we took on subways and trains while living on the east coast.  

while traveling to the 'north pole' the elves served us cookies and hot chocolate, sang carols and read 'the night before christmas'.  when we arrived, santa got on the train and spoke to every single child and gave them a bell.  my kids absolutely LOVED it!  although when it came time to tell him what they wanted for christmas, all they did was shrug their shoulders.  yep.  that's my kids...

i don't know if we will do this every year, occasionally or never again but it doesn't matter.  these are memories my kids will remember for a long long time.